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here is my update for condos this spring and summer....need to rent them all....the Spring ones are not able to move...summer ones I can maneuver a bit.


Mazatlan Mayan Palace

April 9-16 (one bedroom)
April 9-16 (one bedroom)

Mayan Sea Garden (Maz) 

April 8-15 (2 bedroom/1 bath)

Mayan Sea Garden (NV)
April 8-15 (one bedroom)

Mayan Palace Acapulco Plya

April 8-15 (one bedroom & studio unit)
April 8-15 (2 bedroom)
April 14-21) (2 bedroom)


Mazatlan (4 units):

Mayan Sea Garden (2 bed/1 bath)
July 22-29
July 22-29
July 29-Aug 5
July 29-Aug 5
NV (3 units)

Mayan Palace NV
July 22-29 (2 bedroom)

Grand Bliss (NV)....two units ($1550 each + Pay pal) My trade from RCI
July 15-22 (2 bed)
July 15-22 (2 bed)

* that is about $50 more per night than at a two bedroom in Mayan Palace...and well worth it.
Acapulco (3 units)
Acapulco Plya (2 bedroom units)

July 15-22
July 22-29
July 22-29

* I also have two studio units that I can use, convert them both to Mayan Sea Garden in Mazatlan (at a cost) for two units or use them as studio units in spring or summer. So, please keep that in mind if a family needs just a little more space.

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